Team Thoughts on Blizzard’s Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular first person shooter game that was originally made for PC, but spread to other consoles as it grew in popularity. The game is so iconic that it has it’s own league where countries around the world play in tournaments at various places in the world to take home the gold. With various characters to choose from with different abilities, the game’s diversity is that of a divine being. But, it’s evolution doesn’t cease, as new characters are added on command whenever the Idea arises.

However, Overwatch has it’s flaws. Although, some of which may be the Overwatch community’s flaws, there are definity one, or two that issues with the game itself. I’ll be discussing One of the wost flaws that I see In Overwatch to make this short and sweet. The worst problem I have with Overwatch is:


the extreme toxicity coming from its players, especially from those of lower ages is a remarkable sight. It’s usually a common sight to see a few people get upset over a loss in a game, as some people are sore losers. However, Overwatch’s community seems to be 10% Fun & 90% “I hate you, Kill yourself.” There should be a filter implanted in the gameplay that bans players who insult others with critical language for extended periods of time. This would only be limited to game-chat, because chances are, the person you’re cursing out isn’t in your party, and is instead in his/her own party minding his/her own business. This would at least make an effort to lower the toxicity for new comers, or people who just want to enjoy the game in Quickplay, which is also very toxic.

That was the only problem that I could see with Overwatch that was worth talking about with other people. Other than that I would have to go with the other 2/3 of TeamQKG and say that it is a good game and I can’t take that away from it although, it is my preference to steer clear of that game for the sake of my own sanity. If I missed any flaws with the game, please be sure to comment down below what you might think is flawed about the game, or Maybe even what the game has that you Like, let’s not limit it to only bad things, as I said before it is a good game. Thank you all for reading, Hope you enjoyed your stay at TeamQKG Inc. we’ll catch you guys in the next one! Peace out.

Team Thoughts On Treyarch’s Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 was arguably the most hyped game of 2018. It had every Call of Duty player excited for the next generation of the COD series that started with the iconic duo of Alex Mason, and Frank Woods. The game also promised an all new level of Zombies game play experience with the original four, Richtoften, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai in the Mob of The Dead map. Something people we’re excited to see as it came with the addition of a map that takes place on the Titanic which was really great if you ask me. However, Black Ops 4 has experienced a massive decline in interest over the months that it’s been out, and I personally have a few problems that I have with the game.

For starters, The game didn’t have a campaign. Call of Duty has been known for it’s campaign game play where you follow a protagonist and his/her team into war to take down the main antagonist. It gave you something to do when you didn’t want to play PVP, and spiced it up with it’s amazing storyline. It seems Black Ops 4 has missed out on the memo, no campaign, no service. Specialist HQ. . . I mean, I guess if you wanna count that as a semi campaign.

Blackout mode.

Blackout mode is essentially the equivalent- wait no. . . It is the battle royals mode that fortnite has except you can’t build, and it’s just Call of Duty styled. Why wouldn’t I just play fortnite? Oh yeah, that’s right! It’s dying, and so is Black Ops 4. Anyway, it would’ve probably been better had it actually been like a tournament arena, and you have a set of lives, only melee weapons, and specialiats were allowed and the last person standing gets to live. Kind of like the Tournament Of Power. . . Now that would’ve been interesting.

It Was The Same Experience As Black Ops 3 Just More Caveman.

Black Ops 4 had the same play style as Black Ops 3 except this was in 2045 instead of 2075, so everything was more caveman. Hold up in 2045, David Mason wouldn’t have been so old, and would’ve been able to fight. . . Sorta. Where the hell is he? Did they forget about him? My dude literally saved the world from a one eyed, drone carrying mad-man and got completely shafted. That would’ve been the perfect campaign idea. Instead they made a daughter from him, and I guess completely forgot that he was still old enough to fight, just uh, give him some of that robot armor. He probably has arthritis because he would be 65.

Anyways, that’s all the problems I really have with Black Ops 4 other than that, it’s just sine really biased things that I have against it. However, I cant take away from the fact that it has its moments, and it aint a bad game, it can’t just use some work. Let me know down in the comments what your opinion on Black Ops 4, is it good, or do you absolutely hate it? Until next time, hope you enjoy your stay on TeamQKG inc. We’ll catch you guys on the next one! Peace out.

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